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Lausanne / Fribourg / Neuchâtel

Hello all,

Our time in Switzerland is coming to an end soon…. Come see us and wish us Bon Voyage at:

Festival Pully-Québec @ Café-Théâtre de la Voirie
Monday, June 9, 8 pm

In Fribourg (House Concert) @ rue des Alpes 14
Thursday, June 12, 8 pm

Festi’neuch (Neuchatel) @ Scène Lacustre
Sunday, June 15, 7 pm

Here are some nice Swiss trees….




Here are the dates / Voici les dates ::: on commence à FRIBOURG,CH ce jeudi avec David Simard (de Canada aussi).


10.04.2014 – FRIBOURG, CH – Le Nouveau Monde
11.04.2014 – GENEVA, CH – La Gravière
Site: http://www.lagraviere.net
12.04.2014 – ZURICH, CH – Helsinki Klub
13.04.2014 – NEUCHATEL, CH – Queen Kong Club
16.04.2014 – BERN, CH – Bee Flat

17.04.2014 – PARIS, FR – La Dame de Canton

23.04.2014 – RENNES, FR – Ubu
25.05.2014 – BOURGES, FR – Le Printemps de Bourges
04.05.2014 – COLOGNE, GER – Die Wohngemeinschaft

05.05.2014 – FRANKFURT, GER – Brotfabrik

06.05.2014 – MUNICH, GER – Milla

08.05.2014 – BERLIN, GER – Kantine am Berghain

09.05.2014 – HAMBURG, GER – Aalhaus

09.06.2014 – PULLY, CH – Festival Pully Québec
14.06.2014 – NEUCHATEL, CH – Festi’Neuch

Site: http://www.festineuch.ch/#/

truffle oil, foie gras, gruyere, chocolate… oh, and music too

Three shows into our fall tour in Europe, and it’s a tough call between eating supper and playing music as to which is the most satisfying. Honestly, we have been feasting like kings and queens – last night’s foie gras salad followed by fresh pasta and chicken on a sauce generously drizzled with truffle oil will not soon leave my memory collection of most favourite meals.

It all started in Geneva at L’Épicentre – a beautiful artist centre, intimate, slightly off the beaten path, and with a truly superb team working with the best equipment, attentive and generous audience included. We will gladly return to play there again the second we are invited. Then followed the Cressier festival Seul-en-Scène.

Finally our secret show last night at Bar King in Neuchâtel where we pulled out all the stops, and played almost our entire repertoire for very good friends and strangers alike. You know it’s a good night when Yesterday’s Halo inspires a dance solo!

As usual, we’ll leave you with a picture or two… and hopefully we’ll see some of you tonight in Bern at the Progr/Bee-flat!


Touring and Checklists

Hello all,

My favourite part about getting ready for a tour is making a checklist. It’s all conceptual you see – no actual limits of physical space are faced, no tetris games with toothpaste, quarter-inch, cds and undergarments.

However, one always finds oneself suspecting that the suitcase you used last time shrunk, and wondering exactly how many pairs of underwear you really need after all. And sacrificing a sweater and two pairs of socks to take the hiking boots so that the day off in Neuchatel can be spent in the nearby mountains.

We’re off to Switzerland tomorrow to begin a serveral weeks-long tour of Switzerland, Germany and France! Almost all packed up, and almost everything checked off.

Two things are certain:

1. Something will be forgotten
2. We’re going to have one hell of a good time!

For our tour dates, shift your eyes over to the left a couple of centimeters. And if you’re going to be in the area for any of those shows – don’t be a stranger! We’d love to see you.

It’s crazy, because it seems like only days ago we came back from our last tour… Oh wait! It WAS only days ago. Two, in fact.

We had a short and very sweet gander over to the West very recently. Starting in Winnipeg, at a great venue we are beginning to know well – The West End Cultural Centre – it was off to a good start right off. We were lucky to have the lovely Jenny Berkel open the night with her friendly and charming group.

Then it was a long day of travel, a Showcase performance for the Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta, followed by the best kind of dessert – a satisfying set at the Haven Social Club in Edmonton.

Last, and most definitely not least was our night at the Palomino in Calgary. The opening band – native Calgarians Reuben Bullock – played far too short a set in our opinion. So inventive and captivating!

The folks at the Palomino get a special mention in this post for their generous nature (especially where whiskey is concerned) and their truly zany and amazing staff. We’re already looking forward to our next visit to Calgary!

We’ll leave you with this photo of Tonio and Kristina putting Winnipeg’s vintage shops to the test.

Jet lag – here we come!