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Québec tour

We’ve got some shows coming up in Québec // Voilà nos concerts en juillet au Québec. On aimerait bien vous voir :::

08/07/15 – Sherbrook, QC – Sherblues Festival – Boquébière
12/07/15 – Baie St Paul, QC – Le Marché public de Baie Saint-Paul
17/07/15 – La Baie, QC – Agora du Village portuaire
18/07/15 – L’Anse St Jean, QC – Bistro de l’Anse
19/07/15 – Québec, QC – Festival D’été Québec – Parc de La Francophonie

And a little bit of lake swimming….feel free to join.

With love,

New! Exciting! Fresh! Action-Packed!

Bonjour, Goedendag, Hello, مرحبا, Привет, Sanibonani, こんにちは。

It’s been so long, have you missed us? We’ve missed you.

Here in Montreal, Spring has come quickly followed by early Summer. Everyone has emerged from hibernation, and the neighbourhood is alive and buzzing with the bustling activity of kicked ant-hills or bee colonies with a new queen.

Four of those bees (that’s us) are very pleased to announce some state-of-the-art, still-in-original-packaging, fresh-from-the-oven shows.

We are happy, pleased, even as pleased as punch, to announce two nights at the Savoy for the upcoming Festival International de Jazz de Montréal!

This might not be news for you if you have already perused the column immediately to the left of this sentence but it bears repeating. Okay one more time…

Montreal International Jazz Festival shows coming soon!!!

Okay, that’s probably enough. If any of you would like to join us for the certain magic of these performances, you can get your tickets here.

The fun does not end there. No, oh no, we have been good all year long, and have been rewarded with shows at Festival Folk sur le Canal, FestiVoix in Trois-Rivières, and last but not least the Festival d’été de Québec!

Honestly, after looking at the truly impressive list of music-makers coming to these festivals, I’m expecting to take a week or two off from sleeping in order to go see EVERYTHING.

Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few <3 Québec.

Now make sure to hydrate yourselves adequately. I suggest 5 large chunks of fruit such as watermelon, berries, oranges or even cucumber, a few sprigs of fresh mint and about 10 ice cubes in a pitcher of water. So refreshing.

drink me