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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. I haven’t been on the road as much, which I guess is why I’ve neglected to update this. I figure people who read this don’t really want to know about the groceries I bought, or the bar I hung out at, or the very cheap but delicious Berlin falafels I eat.

I’m very happy to announce, though,  that I will be on the road a bit this fall playing some solo shows around Germany. I’m also happy to say that these shows are being supported and promoted by the good people at TV Noir, Sound Kartell, Prime Tours, and Selective Artists.

I’ll be solo because Pete and Hugo, drummer and bassist, are back in Canada touring with our good friend David Simard, and Kristina (cellist) is on the road with the lovely and talented Agnes Obel. They’re rocking it as they should with all the style and class of those that are the best.

Here are the dates:

22.10 Erfurt – Frau Korte

23.10 – Köln – Wohngemeinschaft

25.10 – Berlin – Monarch

15.12 – Hannover – Feinkostlampe

16.12 – Hamburg – Kleiner Donner

17.12 – Lübeck – Tonfink

All information for tickets can be found here.


I’d love to see you. Honestly. Be well.




Mark Festineuch

3 thoughts on “German Tour Dates

  1. it was a wonderful concert in lübeck! even the tecnical shortcomings helped the show and finally nearly everybody was bewitched by the music. thank you!

      1. I searched the Webside of the “New Fall Festival”.As I told you I saw Regina Spector there in stuttgart lately, and realised now that Agnes Obels played there too.
        I think your music would fit perfectly there, being fascinating contemporary, complex and involving. the crowd in stuttgart
        was asked for new artists. hope you can get there, they would love your work.

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