Banff Centre / The Club Concert / End of a residency


This residency at the Banff Centre has been amazing. I’ve never got so much work done in a such a relatively short concentrated period of time. I’ll miss the Elk passing by, the good people I’ve met and hung out with (Dan and Daniela in Snowblink, Andy McGuire, and Graham Lessard and his beautiful family…to name a few), the hikes, the jazz jams, the international flavour, the Richard Armstrong Vocal Workshop…I could go on. Yeah yeah, the food in the cafeteria after 5.5 weeks gets to you, but it’s nothing like the 6 days of white bread and Nutella I had while visiting friends in Durban, South Africa years ago.

I’ll be closing out the residency with a duo show with my trusted companion and musical machine Kristina Koropecki (cello/musical saw/autoharp/kick drum/voice) with a show at The Club (here at the Banff Centre) on Monday, June 10th, 8pm. We’re looking forward to trying out some new material and the show will be recorded.

We’ll be back in Montreal in about 2 weeks, will finish the new album in July, and it should be coming out in October. The inside of the laboratory (Cardinal Studio):……..mucho amor….M&K.

Cardinal Studio

Cardinal Studio

2 thoughts on “Banff Centre / The Club Concert / End of a residency

  1. Hello Mark and your wonderful band/bandmates! I have an unusual request. I am a female cellist going on six years of practicing. I saw your bandmate Kristina perform in Los Angeles for Agnes Obel. I was very impressed by the beautiful sounds she got out of her cello. I was wondering if there is any way you can put me in contact with her. I would love to ask her if she has any advice for getting a good cello sound with a certain brand of pickup, amp, effects pedals, etc.. Also any advice for recording cello and making it sound so sweet. At the very least, please thank her for such an intoxicating performance. Any advice would be so appreciated. Much success and love to you and the band! Sincerely, Darr

    1. Hey Darr, thank you kindly for your comment. I’ll forward it to Kristina and get back to you. If you would like, send me an email address as a private comment on our Facebook page and I’ll forward it to Kristina.

      Thanks and all the best!


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