truffle oil, foie gras, gruyere, chocolate… oh, and music too

Three shows into our fall tour in Europe, and it’s a tough call between eating supper and playing music as to which is the most satisfying. Honestly, we have been feasting like kings and queens – last night’s foie gras salad followed by fresh pasta and chicken on a sauce generously drizzled with truffle oil will not soon leave my memory collection of most favourite meals.

It all started in Geneva at L’Épicentre – a beautiful artist centre, intimate, slightly off the beaten path, and with a truly superb team working with the best equipment, attentive and generous audience included. We will gladly return to play there again the second we are invited. Then followed the Cressier festival Seul-en-Scène.

Finally our secret show last night at Bar King in Neuchâtel where we pulled out all the stops, and played almost our entire repertoire for very good friends and strangers alike. You know it’s a good night when Yesterday’s Halo inspires a dance solo!

As usual, we’ll leave you with a picture or two… and hopefully we’ll see some of you tonight in Bern at the Progr/Bee-flat!


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